About Me

        As a young child, I was always interested in arts and crafts.  During my first year in college, I began to make earrings and other jewelry which caught the attention of my classmates.  As time progressed, I discovered that this I could support myself financially doing something that I loved.  My initial sales were to family and friends but that quickly changed as I used social media to advertise some of my items.  I increased my product line to include clothing such as T-shirts, onesies, tulle skirts, hairbows, and various other items.    


     As a young adult and romantic at heart, I wanted to broaden my horizon and expand my talents to creating something beautiful for special occasions such as birthday parties, showers, and weddings. It is through the support of family and friends that I am constantly evolving into the planner and consultant that I desire to be.  I am stepping out on my faith and expanding my business adventures.  I am a licensed business person this year. I look forward to growing in leaps and bounds in 2018.  With God’s help and your support, I believe I will be able to accomplish my dreams and bless others during the process.  Give me a try and I will work to make your special occasion the most “Lavishly” occasion it can be.  



Ms. Japhia Bevelle of “Lavishly Jay”